This forgotten hobby can get addictive.

iModeler is a Website where people share their work of art.

This is a link to someone who built an Otaki F6F-3 Hellcat.

Work of art!


This is my work of art behind a Monogram 1/48th scale Helldiver. I built those almost 30 years ago.


It’s light years behind the one you have just seen. But I love it anyway… and I will tell you more about it one of these days.

What I grew up with as a teen

Call it puppy love…

Monogram Models!

The best model kits in the late 50s and 60s before the Japanese invaded the U.S.


I was not alone…



Click here to read what Al Bussie wrote about this model kit manufacturer bringing back good old memories from old model kits.


The name Monogram is synonymous with quality in model kits. The founders, Jack Besser and Bob Reder, had a clear vision of what constitutes an excellent model kit and how to transform that into mass production. Not surprisingly, Monogram proved to be a profitable company for many years. Early Wood and Plastic Kits In 1945 the company was producing stick/tissue aircraft kits and solid wooden kits of ships and cars. The ship line consisted of a US Battleship, Destroyer, Cruiser, Aircraft Carrier and Landing Craft.

Just looking at box tops

I know Boxing Day is tomorrow, but would hate myself if I forgot to wish to all my loyal readers a Merry Christmas.


I hope you have enjoyed my other blogs about Mosquitos.

Sometimes just looking at box tops on this Website makes my Christmas Day.

This one is a model I built back in the late 50s.

It was my first ship.

Revell 0353 Essexgd


1982 Revell of Germany reissue of the original ‘S’ kit. Issue date is probably mid 1960s/early 1970s. Builds up to an impressive and well detailed kit representing the rebuilt Essex with an angled deck. Air wing includes helicopter, F9F Cougars, F8U Crusaders, A-1 Skyraiders, A-4 Skyhawks and F11F Tigers. Has deck crane and 6 deck tractors. Side elevators go up and down; mid-deck bow elevator can be shown down or up. 

My dad had bought it.

I can still see myself building it and playing with it 50 some years later. That’s how long memories last.

I was 12 or 13 years old, so the information I believe is incorrect as to the issue date. In the mid 60s my father was not buying Christmas gifts anymore.

My interest for aircraft carriers started there in the late 50s, and I built a few of them if I can recall…

One of them was HMS Ark Royal made by Airfix.

I don’t have it anymore. I gave it away

There is one reviewed here.

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Impressive work even if you don’t read German!

If your German is good you can click here also.


Merry Christmas everyone!

I don’t have it anymore. I gave it away!!!

Want to know about it?

I will tell you more if you write me a comment in the comment section. I don’t want to bore you again with my numerous anecdotes from the past.

See you tomorrow for Boxing Day.

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I don’t make up these anecdotes

I don’t make up things, I only build model airplane kits. I did not build this particular model airplane.

Someone else did.

How I came to know him is a very interesting anecdote.

I got these pictures from Marten along with this message.

Hi Pierre

Sorry for taking so long to get around to this, but here are the photos of the 1:48 scale Tamiya Mosquito I made as a tribute to my grandfather (Ted Gosling). I did the plane as PZ170 (YP-D) as this was the one he did his freshman flight in.

I also found (on ebay) an ASH radar conversion kit for those lucky enough to own the mammoth Airfix 1:24 Mosquito, here is the link

Thanks again for this blog, it is great to have the word of 23 squadron spreading!

All the best and have a great Christmas

Marten Richens

Who’s Marten?

Who’s Ted Gosling?

Am I making up all this?

Click here…


1/48 Tamiya Mosquito B Mk IV
by Frank Dargies

More on a navigator who flew on that type of Mosquito.

Briggs & Baker& plane1

Tired of all those anecdotes?

I will see you on Christmas Day because you have a lot of reading to do.

christmas card 2

Nigel Bicknell collection via Marcus Bicknell
Click here to know more.

We don’t just build them for fun…

We don’t just build them for fun…

Of course we have fun while building model airplanes, but there is more.

There is the reason behind our decision to build a particular airplane model.

The last model I built was a Mosquito Mk VI.

I built it in 2011.

Monogram PA129-200 Mos Mint


I had bought two similar model kits without any particular reason 5 or 6 years before. Then, in 2010, I got a message from someone who had this document…

 Discharge papers page 1

Discharge papers page 2

That’s the only thing he had to search for his war hero when he was 18.

If you have read all the posts I wrote about 23 Squadron, then you know I found everything about that pilot.

But there is an other anecdote to this story…

I will tell you next time.

Just Joe III

Just Joe III and George Sutcliffe_blog

I knew all about Mosquitos, but I knew nothing about Mosquitos based in Malta, nor did I know about Eugene Gagnon, a French-Canadian, who flew 33 missions, most over Germany, from December 6th, 1944 to May 1945.

I just had to know more about that pilot.

Just Joe III is not just about someone whose name was Joe or Eugene Gagnon. In fact I don’t know if Eugene had christened his Mosquito.

Just Joe III was a De Havilland Mosquito, the Wooden Wonder.

The airman’s name in front of Just Joe III is not Joe. His name is George Sutcliffe, and he was a navigator stationed in Malta in 1942.

Nothing extraordinary about George’s life.

He was not a top scoring ace during WWII (he was a navigator remember), and I am still trying to get any relative of George to contact me on my blog about 23 Squadron.

I have been writing that blog on 23 Squadron since April 2010 when I first met Marcel Bergeron, a 84 year-old man you wanted to know more about this man.

Eugène Gagnon 1940

Eugene Gagnon

I won’t go into this story because I want to make my posts as short as possible on this blog about my forgotten hobby.

So what about Joe Just III?

Was there a Just Joe II and before that a Just Joe I?

You will have to stay glued to this blog about My Forgotten Hobby to learn more, unless you visit my other blog and discover why I have been forgetting my forgotten hobby for such a long time.

How to solve my big problem?

How to solve my big problem with displaying my finished model airplanes?

I could build my unbuilt model airplane kits, and then give them away as gifts to someone to remember someone dear to him or to her.

I could build a model of this Mosquito stationed in Malta in 1942.

Just Joe III zoom in

I did build a Mosquito Mk VI fighter-bomber in 2012 as a gift for a 84 year-old man who was looking for information about his war hero when he was 18 years-old back in 1945.

Eugène Gagnon 1940

Eugene Gagnon

Would you like to know more?

Are you sure?

Then click here.

July 1945

Picture taken in July 1945 at Little Snoring, in England

I posted close to 250 articles on 23 Squadron, a little known Mosquito Squadron with the R.A.F. in WWII. 

I told you my hobby was writing blogs.

Houston… We’ve got a big problem!

 You may call it a big collection if you want…


















I would call it more a big problem.

When to start building my big unbuilt collection of model airplane kits, and then, where to display them afterwards when they are built?

I have been reading this blog and I know that my problem is shared by many model builders.

Pat Murphy is a model builder who does not have a problem with his collection. He works as a volunteer in a museum in Victoria, British Colombia. He contributed to one of my blogs I write about a Spitfire squadron in WWII.

You can see what he did to pay homage to Spitfire pilots.

Click here.

Impressive work isn’t?

And what about that untold story behind my B-29, sitting on the box of an unbuilt Revell 1/48th scale B1-B bomber on top a bookcase, which is gathering dust and is easy prey to my scared cats…?


I use a can of compress air to move the propellers around when my two year-old grandson visit me.


You should have seen the look in his eyes.

Sorry folks no picture of my grandson, only my cats…












Maybe my grandson will get hooked on building airplane model kits like his grandfather was back in 1958, and, one day, build some with him.

Can cats help in building model airplanes?