What’s your favorite hobby?

Mine is writing blogs.

Before, this was my favorite hobby… Building model kits.

Why not combine both hobbies, one from the past with this one?

While you are pondering over this, you can visit this blog about an amateur  airplane model kit builder whose motto is Let’s build!

Click here.

6 thoughts on “What’s your favorite hobby?

  1. Argus December 12, 2013 / 5 h 59 min

    A lot of spare (?) cash went on Spitfires and others in years past (if you can’t fly ’em then making ’em seems the next best thing. You can get hooked) — today it’s Dvds and you-tube and books from Amazon …

    • Pierre Lagacé December 12, 2013 / 6 h 08 min

      I can relate to this easily.
      I will write a post about all the reference I have accumulated.
      Follow the blog and you will be amazed.
      I know I will…
      It will give me an incentive to dust some others things.

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