Eduard Bf 109E-1

I am not building this model kit.

Bf 109E-1

I don’t think my wife would agree I should buy it and add it to my collection of unbuilt model kits I moved from our storage place to my workplace in the basement.

I wish for 2014 that Amateur airplanes would build it and find a place to display it.

That’s pun intended of course. Building model kits is a serious pastime as well as blogging on WWII.

This story is keeping me from starting building my old unbuilt collection.

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The Workbench

Where to display our work of arts,,,

amateur airplanes

I have been asked by a vast amount of readers how I display my finished model builds. With my EF-111A still incomplete and ready for paint, this is the perfect opportunity to show you.
Some spring cleaning was necessary before I was willing to reveal my work area. Aside from the dust and clutter, the most unappeasable matter was lack of real estate. Even building on the smaller scale of model kits has its boundaries. Solving this issue was not the easiest task at hand. I needed something to store my old kits in without the inevitable damage that was to be the result of my inadequate thinking process. Gratefully this wasn’t so. I recalled reading a “how to” article in Fine Scale Modeler on this topic. Shelving paper was used to line the bottom of a container and I delicately arranged my old kits to maximum capacity. Problem rectified…

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25 in 2013

Still procrastinating…

amateur airplanes

Unfortunately the Crusader couldn’t be completed by the new year. Since Christmas, I have had zero time to work on anything. After four straight doubles at work, today is a much needed day off. I was able to make some progress this morning by painting the undersides of the Crusader in Testor’s Flat White. I’ll let the paint dry and mask it off for the final coat of Flat Gull Gray.
While I am waiting for the paint to dry, I am starting Hasegawa’s Fw190D-9. I sat down with the NHL’s Winter Classic on and started all the beginning work of clipping parts from the sprues and painting various internal pieces.
With these two kits being the first of the new year, I got to thinking of all the builds from 2013. I looked back through my archives and counted twenty-five kits last year. It doesn’t seem like I completed…

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Mustang Madness!!! An Aurora P-51 “Classic Build”

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When Alan Bussie asked me to put forth a simple “decompression” kit, I couldn’t resist the Aurora 1/48 scale P-51H.  The last time I built one, I was about 13 years old.  My dad and I were sitting on the couch watching the television series “12 O’clock High.”  I was escorting B-17’s to Berlin, in hot pursuit of the 109’s, etc…and I built the fighter straight from the box in one hour.  The challenge (and pure joy) of recreating that all over again was too tempting to pass up.  This time I would add a little bit of painting detail.  I would create my own markings from existing supplies and I would NOT use putty or aftermarket parts.  What you see is what you get!

Aurora 118-79 P-51gdpp

I can still remember that box top of the P-51, and I remember building this kit in early 60s.

I also built this one.

Aurora 99-130 P-38excpp

There are two anecdotes related to the P-38 box top.

In fact there are three.

I told you there was a story behind each model I built. So what about the first Mosquito anecdote.

Look at these pictures.

YP-W modification


YP-E St. Chris

They were given to me by a Mosquito pilot who flew with 23 Squadron, but after I had built my Mosquito for my 84 year-old friend whose war hero was also a Mosquito pilot.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon

I had the wrong paint job!

This is what my Mosquito looked like.


It should have looked more like this one.

01048 Never Say Die, low res

Now what is the second anecdote?

To be continued…