Hart Finley’s 403 Spitfire KH-? – Now we know

Why I am still not working on repairing the B-17…

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

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Peter Lecoq had commented.

 Hi Pierre:

 Hart Finley’s daughter, Heather Burpee, resides in Vancouver; She’ll gladly assist you, she has all of her father’s log books etc.


 Peter Lecoq

Dean Black had sent me this picture of Hart Finley.

H R Findlay

We could see the KH of the call sign above the 20mm cannon, but not the other letter which would be also under the nose of the Spitfire.

This was what Pat had asked:

I have the details on two Spitfires he flew. On April 23, 1945 the Mk XVI he was flying had the serial TD141, I’m missing the KH-? letter. On June 30, 1944 the Mk IX’s serial was ML415 but again no KH-? letter.

If I had the letters I’m missing I could build his model and add it to our museum collection.

Pat Murphy
Vancouver Island Military Museum
Nanaimo B.C.

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