Got distracted along the way…

I know I should start fixing my B-17.

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My cats would be more than happy to help me.

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My friend amateur airplanes told me to start this way… 10 minutes a day.

Amateur airplanes is kind of a mentor even if I am much more older than he is. You should visit his blog and see what he does and how he writes about building model kit airplanes.

Let’s build is his motto.

Make Your Own Decals

Making your own decals…? Why not!

amateur airplanes

So there are a few of my followers that want to know how to make their own decals. This post will inform you on how I make my decals when a need arises. In my opinion, I would take stock decals over homemade. Unless you have a high quality printer (I do not), the results won’t be the best. However, even a basic printer will get you by.
So to start off, what decals are you wanting to make/design. For the YA-10, I scanned the entire stock decal sheet to my computer. I made it into a PDF file and printed straight from that. There was no sizing to do whatsoever. If you have a design program, your options increase on your capabilities. You can make your chosen design and scale it down to size. I use the basic Paint program that came with my computer. If I make my…

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