Jack Leynnwood

This is what got me addicted to building model kit airplanes.


I had found it a lot on the Internet, but finding it again last time got me hooked again to looking on who was the artist.

Click here.

If the art of Jack Leynnwood looks familiar, you are probably a baby boomer who had an interest in model kits growing up. Leynnwood’s distinctive paintings on the Revell model kit box covers featured antique biplanes, WWII fighters, helicopters, modern jets and even space rockets. Leynnwood’s images jumped off the shelf with their dramatic colors and lighting and dynamic momentum and motion blur. The wings of his airplanes would overlap the corners of the box, making it look like they were ready to fly away. He taught at Art Center College of Design, and passed away in 1999.

More about him here.

The long and winding road of building model kit airplanes

Guess I am not the only one when I visit Websites which are about building model kit airplanes. I should stop writing about it and keep on working on my Mosquito.

I took some pictures with my cell phone showing the immense progress up to now.

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Writing about this will probably further motivate me.Well at least I hope so.

Getting most welcomed comments is also great.

Just look at the comment section. I also visit amateur airplanes blog which is what got me started in December. His motto Let’s build struck a cord, and I have read all of his posts.

So what about these photos I took.

Just another way to show you how all this is progressing slowly but surely.