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This 7 minute clip is of particular interest to any of us who wish to “Remember our Veterans” and who build military (and other subjects) model kits.
Perhaps this might be a ‘project’ for me or indeed our model clubs/groups?
Might be an incentive or ‘kick start’ to get me going?
Even if this Hobby is not your ‘cup of tea’ the thoughts and opinions expressed by this man are worth noting.
Seems to me this fine and generous guy “gets’ and also practices tangible ways to Thank and make our Veterans feel appreciated.

John (Hawley)

Tamiya McDonnell-Douglas F-4D Phantom II (Diorama Base)

Nice diorama… Brings back good old memories.

MBIQ Models

A bit of a departure this.  The Camel is still progressing but I’ve been taking some pictures of the Phantom F-4D this morning as it is due to be picked up tomorrow by my friend who actually flew the aircraft when he was in Vietnam.  It occurred to me that I haven’t actually updated this site to include the diorama base and case that I have made for the model so that it can be displayed safely.

To keep the size of the overall case down to manageable proportions I wanted it to  be as small as it could realistically be.  Handily this meant displaying the aircraft at an angle which usually looks best anyway.  A few measurements with the ruler and I had the basic minimum inner dimensions for the case, plus  15mm or so just to make sure.

Making cases isn’t my thing and I have none of the equipment…

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