Mustang Mk.IV

My next project after the B-17G restoration.

amateur airplanes

I have to admit that I am a little uncomfortable seeing the P-51 in non U.S. markings. While different, it still looks good. I think this one came out great. I have always liked British colors and this is no exception. The camouflage looks great on it.

This P-51 was no different from its counterpart in this build. Academy knows how to produce models, plain and simple. Painting this kit proved to be a near challenge. All of the paint that I needed to use was either old or close to being all used up. Luckily, the paint held out with some rationed airbrushing. The older paint even mixed up enough to use. Other than that, there were no major issues throughout the build. I enjoyed every bit of this kit. The three different P-51 theme was an interesting twist to change it up a little. I didn’t have a…

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