My Life in the RCAF, “I Had A Ball” – the story of “Cap” Foster

Got distracted along the way…

RCAF No. 443 Squadron

Last edited Sunday February 1, 2015 – 8h28 EST

This will be for the time being “Cap” Foster story whose daughter shared a few minutes ago.

His story deserves much more than being just a draft version.

I will edit his story with pictures from “Cap” Foster’s private collection if any. Other pictures will come from other people’s collection who shared them with me. All pictures will be credited accordingly.

Captain Foster modified picture

Art Sager collection via Nicole Morley

Recruiting Center, Montreal                            06/16/41-06/18/41

No. 1 Manning Pool, Toronto                           06/19/41-10/10/41

No. 6 I.T.S. Toronto, Ontario                           10/10/41-12/06/41

No. 11 E.F.T.S. Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec  12/06/41-03/01/42

No. 8 S.F.T.S. Moncton, New Brunswick      03/01/42-07/14/42

No. 10 A.O.S. Chatham, New…

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