The story behind the Airfix Handley-Page Halifax?

True story!

This model kit was built in the early 1960s.


It’s probably one of the first kits of the Handley-Page Halifax released by Airfix in 1961.


source Internet

Jean-Paul Corbeil, the veteran  I have been seeing since 2010, got this model airplane in the 60s as a  gift  from a young  boy. This young boy often  came to his sporting goods store in Rouen-Noranda to look at the model kits he was  selling as well as sporting  goods. Mr. Corbeil always wanted to get a hold of a model kit of the Halifax, but none were available.

The boy’s  father  was  a travelling  salesman, and when he saw one he bought this Airfix model kit so his son could buid it and give it as a gift to the veteran air gunner who flew on a Halifax during World War Two.

Jean-Paul Corbeil, mitrailleur tourelle dorsale, et Pierre Gauthier, navigateur

Jean-Paul Corbeil on the left in front of KW-O

The code KW-Y on the airplane is correct, and seemed to have been painted on.


Y Yoke

I have decided to keep this model as original as the one built in the 60s. Only the missing parts were taken from another model kit.


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