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The American Warrior

Harry Ferrier grew up in Massachusetts and Connecticut.  At age sixteen, he lied about his age to enlist in the U.S. Navy.  Harry became an aviation radioman and joined his first squadron, Torpedo Eight, in September of 1941. At age seventeen, he flew his first combat mission. He later served with VT-3 and VT-8 again during the Battle of the Eastern Solomons and the defense of Guadalcanal.  Harry married just as the war ended, raised two children, and made the Navy his career.  He rose from Seaman 3rd Class to  full Commander before he retired after the Vietnam War. I was fortunate to interview him in 2000, first over the phone, then in person in Washington State. Harry was one of those Americans who had overcome every imaginable adversity through the course of his life from the Depression and a broken home to crewing a torpedo bomber in the…

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Life has a way to get in the way of a hobby




My wife told me that  my stash  was in the  way when  she wanted  to  clean  my workplace. I wholeheartedly  agreed and I decided  to  put  them  back  in the store room where  I  keep  my four cats’ litter boxes.

So everyday  when  I  scoop up, I look up at my stash  and get nostalgic  about  model  building.

How  in the  world  can I manage  to  build  them all? I  have so many I like…

Like the B-24. 

I got two. The B-24 D and the B-24 J.

2015-11-26 15.39.44


They have been sitting  in their box since God knows when.

What about these  two favourite  of mine.


This one I built  in 1976 when  I  visited  the Smithsonian in Washington  DC.


There I go again getting nostalgic about my first year of marriage which is still going strong.

39 years ago…

40 years next June 5th.

June 5th? Wasn’t that the start of the Battle of Midway…








Messerschmitt Bf109D-1

Another great build and post from Plane Dave

Plane Dave

The most common images of Germany’s famous Messerschmitt fighter are of the well refined “E” or “G” models during World War II.  But earlier versions of the fighter saw combat too, and the decision to use the type fighting for the Fascist Spanish Nationalist side in the Spanish Civil War provided experience that would serve the German Luftwaffe well at the outbreak of World War.


Join me for a look at that earlier conflict.

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