How I got hooked on WWII: the sequel – Happy Birthday

Posted last year, it was about how I got interested in aviation in 1958.

My Forgotten Hobby

Written a year ago…


I hope you won’t get hooked on this blog about my forgotten hobby.


So what’s the story behind that 1/64th scale B-17?

I was walking home from school during lunch hour in 1958. There was this men’s store, on the corner of Jean-Talon Street and De Lorimier Street in Montreal, which had model kits in its display window.

The men’s store is not there anymore.

2035 Jean Talon

2035 Jean-Talon Street

There were two display windows, one on the left and one on the right. I stopped cold and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

Not men’s clothes…

Model airplanes!

I had never seen a model airplane before in my whole life.

This was one of them although mine in the men’s store display was silver.

Lindberg B-17 G olive drab

I have found the box top on the Internet.

B-17 Lindberg

I even found this instruction sheet.

Lindberg B-17 G instructions


In 1958 this was an…

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Restoration Project – Monogram 1/48 scale P-51 D Mustang

Having tackled my B-17’s restoration last October, this next restoration should  be  a piece  of  cake.

I guess everyone has built in his or her lifetime a P-51 D whether  from Monogram Models or any other model  airplane manufacturers since the 50s.

Aurora 118-79 P-51gdppSource


This is what is left of my Monogram  P-51 D most probably shot down by one of my cats.


Mine was built  in  the 80s along with my two B-17s and my B-29.


Gathering dust…

My P-51 is light years  from Plane Dave’s  rendition of his P-51.


But I  don’t  mind and  l am not envious at all of Dave’s  amazing  builds.

Putting  comparison  aside, I am  trying  once  again  to rekindle  my passion  for  My  Forgotten  Hobby with 2016 just a few hours away.

Posting  my work  in  progress  might be enough incentive to get the adrenaline working and the dopamine flowing to reach this goal…


First  on the to-do list…

Taking the aluminum  foil off of the P-51 D!

The Hush-Kit A-Z of aviation

Nice ideas for model building some of them…



DANGER: the following article contains links to distracting aviation articles that may seriously affect today’s productivity.

A is for Antonov An-225 (most powerful planes)  and An-2

B is for Beyond- visual range combat (top ten fighters)

C is for Convair Model 49
D is for Douglas A2D Skyshark


E is for expensive (ten most expensive aircraft in production)


F is for Fashion (versus aircraft camouflage) and Fictional (top ten fictional aircraft)

G is for German (best-looking German aircraft)


H is for helicopter (ten coolest cancelled helicopters)


I is for interview, (stealth-guru Bill Sweetman, supercar design genius Peter Stevens and British fighter test pilot Dave Eagles)

J is for Japanese (best-looking Japanese aircraft)


K is for Kafka (read his airshow review here)

L is for Lockheed Martin F-35 8Kn1YdN.jpg

M is for Mixmaster (Douglas XB-42)

N is for Northrop…

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