The Hush-Kit A-Z of aviation

Nice ideas for model building some of them…



DANGER: the following article contains links to distracting aviation articles that may seriously affect today’s productivity.

A is for Antonov An-225 (most powerful planes)  and An-2

B is for Beyond- visual range combat (top ten fighters)

C is for Convair Model 49
D is for Douglas A2D Skyshark


E is for expensive (ten most expensive aircraft in production)


F is for Fashion (versus aircraft camouflage) and Fictional (top ten fictional aircraft)

G is for German (best-looking German aircraft)


H is for helicopter (ten coolest cancelled helicopters)


I is for interview, (stealth-guru Bill Sweetman, supercar design genius Peter Stevens and British fighter test pilot Dave Eagles)

J is for Japanese (best-looking Japanese aircraft)


K is for Kafka (read his airshow review here)

L is for Lockheed Martin F-35 8Kn1YdN.jpg

M is for Mixmaster (Douglas XB-42)

N is for Northrop…

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