The Hawker Typhoon: Britain’s Butcher Bird (Part 1)

I have two in my stash!


Typhoon-RCAF-Sqdn-occupied-EuropeTwice as heavy and with more than twice the power of the Spitfire- the Hawker Typhoon was a fighter-bomber of Brobdingnagian proportions. After prolonged technical problems, the type served with distinction as both a low-level interceptor and fighter-bomber from 1941-1945. Today, Project Typhoon RB396 is restoring a veteran airframe to airworthy condition. We spoke to them, to find out how ‘Britain’s Butcher Bird’ faced up to the best of the Luftwaffe. 

Typhoon versus Focke-Wulf Fw 190

When the new Fw 190As appeared over England in 1941, the RAF was caught with its pants down. The Fw 190 was extremely fast and agile, and the Spitfires and Hurricanes were simply unable to keep up. Only the Hawker Typhoon possessed the speed to catch it. The Typhoon could overtake the Fw 190 in level flight, could outturn it below 10,000ft and packed as much punch in terms of armament. Both types had restricted visibility, however…

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Lockheed P-38E Lightning

Definitely my favorite airplane.

Plane Dave

The P-38 Lightning was the best American Fighter in the early part of 1943.  With high speed and long range it could be very effective when used by pilots well familiar with its capabilities.  But its complexity and maintenance needs made it difficult to deploy forward until infrastructure was well developed.


After the jump, join me a look at one of the first P-38s assigned to a war zone.

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The Plan

Planning  to  make homemade  decals  in the cold of winter  wasn’t such a great idea after all.



So I  switched  for now  with this plan!

Having a build of Y2-C  before it received the letters on the fuselage… waiting for one of its propeller  blades to be fixed.