Nose wheel doors

I had to check on how to install the nose wheel doors properly.

The instructions  seemed  wrong  at first so I went on the  Internet  to find  out more.

B-24D Liberator 008

Bossman had the same problem.

I’m working on the interior of my Monogram 1/48 B-24D and I have a question about the instructions – or maybe just about B-24D anatomy. It will take a little explaining before I get to the real question.

The instructions for this kit show the nose gear doors opening inward. That seemed a little strange, especially since there is so little room there. (if you are inclined to use lame puns you could say that the nose is a little stuffy)

The thing that I’m really questioning though, is the orientation of the door panels themselves. The doors are attached in such a way that you would think they were on a normal hinge. But if that is the case – then they seem to be oriented “inside out”. If they were to swing closed, the door panels would have a concave curvature compared to the convex curvature of the surrounding area.

Does anyone know – are these nose doors hinged or do they ride in a track – similar to the “garage door” type tracks that are found on the Bomb Bay doors of this plane ? Are the instructions messed up ?

The reply…

The instructions are correct, they open “inward”on the B-24D. I just looked at my Detail and Scale on the Liberator and it shows this very well. Also the doors are hinged. It seems that some B-24Js were this way also (San Diego built).
Get yourself a copy of the Detail and Scale on the B-24.I will help a lot with major and minor changes associated with the Liberator.
Good Luck with your B-24D! Can’t wait until I have some time (and space) to build mine.

So I followed the instructions…



And added a few more parts as well.

Also visualizing the model.

8 thoughts on “Nose wheel doors

  1. Now that is odd, they really open inward? The wheel must have to come quite high for them
    To pass as they close. But if that’s is the case so be it! It’s really coming along nicely and you’re making a great job of it.

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