Finding the “Few” – June 30, 1942

Where I got all my inspiration for my Hawker Hurricane II C

RAF 238 Squadron

Why am I searching and writing so much about a RAF squadron lost in history books?

What happened in the life of Gil Gillis, from Pense, Saskatchewan, on June 30, 1942…?

On June 30, 1942, if the caption Gil Gillis, from Pense, Saskatchewan, wrote in the back is correct, this is what happened…

June 30 1942 lost in the desert


Me lost in the desert
June 30/42
heck of a sand storm

 What happened in history books in North Africa on June 30, 1942? (Wikipedia)

On 30 June, Rommel’s Panzer Army Africa approached the Alamein position. The Axis forces were exhausted and understrength. Rommel had driven them forward ruthlessly, being confident that, provided he struck quickly before Eighth Army had time to settle, his momentum would take him through the Alamein position and he could then advance to the Nile with little further opposition. Supplies remained a problem because the Axis staff had originally expected a…

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