Zinc chromate redux

I just  love  to mix and paint. So much so that I mixed two more different  shades of zinc chromate and tried  them  on.

I wasn’t sure I had the right shade after looking at these pictures. 

And this on the Internet.

Northrop P-61 Black Widow

Factory instructions for the P-61 stated that all exposed interior surfaces of the pilot, gunner and navigator compartments were to be finished in Northrop Cockpit Green, another factory-specific variant of Interior Green. Instrument panels were to be finished in flat black. Interior surfaces visible from the outside carried the same finish as the outside of the aircraft.

Zinc Chromate Yellow was used as general finish of all unexposed interior surfaces of the P-61. Even the wheel wells were finished in this colour. Two exceptions were the inner surfaces of engine cowlings and the firewalls which were left unpainted.

Source here

I believe there was no right shade of zinc chromate after all so I will  just have to play it by eye…

Click here for more about the restoration of a P-61 with lots of pictures of the interior colors.


3 thoughts on “Zinc chromate redux

  1. There are so many variations of ZC its amazing. As I understand it, it starts as the yellow color, which is often used on metal surfaces NOT visible from the crew quarters. It is then modified, usually with OD Green or Black to get ZC Green or Interior Green. But many manufacturers used their own home brews, to the point little can be called “standard”. Many planes even used flat black for their more visible cockpit areas.

    The only “correct” answer usually involves color photos of your subject aircraft. Even then, wartime colors can shift so much from lighting, age of the film, and how the version you’re looking at was reproduced you can often make little more than an educated guess.

    And then there’s that Vought “Salmon” color…

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