The pilot behind the plane

More about George…

Then take  the  time  to  read  the  comments.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

I know Georges Nadon is in front of a Spitfire and not behind… Just playing with words this morning.

Dad & Spitfire

I know what type of Spitfire is pictured here and probably know when this picture was taken.

Who was Georges Nadon, the man behind the plane, and how do we find out how brave a man he was since he talked so little about the war?

Dad & Spitfire

I was wondering why he named that plane Henry.

So I asked his children. One wrote me an e-mail and wrote back with an anecdote from his father.

Un moment donné en Europe, un squadron leader venait d’atterrir et mon père atterrissait tout de suite en arrière de lui sauf que le leader ne s’est pas tassé  pour donner assez de place à mon père pour atterrir avec aisance. Ils ont failli avoir une collision. 

Le leader a commencé à engueuler mon père mais mon…

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