On December 29th, 1944…

On December 29th, 1944, Major Smith and his radar operator, Lt. Phillip Porter, accomplished a feat unheard of in night fighter history as they intercepted and destroyed four Japanese aircraft in a single night with their P-61, “Times A Wastin’ “. With these four Japanese aircraft, destroyed off the coast of Mindoro in the Philippines, Major Smith became the highest scoring U.S. Night Fighter Ace with a total of seven kills.


Monogram P-61 cover page


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      • From the Internet

        In November 1943, P-61s were finally available for training. Most U.S. warplanes came from the factory in daylight camouflage: drab olive and gray. By moonlight, however, this livery was far too visible. So was flat black, oddly. Experiments showed that a high-gloss, jet-black finish gave the aircraft maximum invisibility in night skies.

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