See You in the Morning

That’s what the crews of RCAF 425 Alouettes Squadron would say after the briefing before an operation or a sortie.

They would never say Good Luck!


I have learned a lot about that squadron and many more squadrons since I started writing blogs about World War Two in 2009.

I have met so many wonderful virtual friends one of whom will receive the Black Widow as a gift.


If you have been following the comments, you know who that person is. That person’s father was a Pacific paratrooper in the Philippines during WWII.

418 Squadron was actually flying the P-61 Black Widow at Leyte, arriving there on November 14, 1944.

Time’s A’ Wastin’ will be a perfect tribute.


WORLD WAR II (source internet)

The squadron was activated on 1 April 1943 at theArmy Air Force School of Applied TacticsOrlando AAFFlorida. After several months of training, the unit was deployed to the Pacific Theater, moving first toCamp Patrick Henry, near Newport News Virginiawhere they boarded the USS General John Pope, sailing through the Panama Canal to Milne Bay, New Guinea.

In New Guinea, the squadron was assigned to Fifth Air Force and initially stationed at Dobodura airfield in November 1943. Flying P-70 Havocs and P-38 Lightnings, the unit conducted night fighter defensive operations against intruding Japanese aircraft over New Guinea, moving to several advance airfields on the island throughout 1943 and 1944. In September 1944, the squadron was re-equipped with P-61 Black Widows and moved to Morotai Island in the Dutch East Indies where they engaged enemy aircraft. In the East Indies, additional B-25 Mitchells and P-38s were assigned, using the B-25s for night intruder operations, P-61s for night fighter operations and the P-38s for searchlight cooperation operations. In November the squadron moved to the Philippines, arriving on Leyte on 14 November.

The unit was attached frequently to different units throughout the war, and remained in the Philippines until July 1945 when it moved to Okinawa. From Kadena Airfield, the unit attacked a wide range of enemy targets on Hainan IslandHong Kong, and along the east China coast. Its first mission against targets on the Japanese Home Islands took place on 28 July when it attacked targets on Kyūshū and also in the Shanghai area of enemy controlled China.

After V-J Day, the 418th NFS moved briefly to Atsugi Airfield, Japan during October 1945 where it was part of the occupying forces. It returned to Okinawa on 15 June 1946, conducting training operations until 20 February 1947 when the unit was inactivated. Its assigned personnel, aircraft and equipment were transferred to the 4th Fighter Squadron (All Weather).

Activated by Pacific Air Forces as an F-100 Fighter-Day squadron at Clark AB, Philippines in late 1957. Never received aircraft or personnel; inactivated 1 July 1958.






I had the same problem with these decals as I had with the others. But the nose art was the most important part of this build so I am quite pleased everything turned alright.


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