USS Saratoga circa June/July 1942

This blog really began with a model aircraft carrier built back in the late 50s.

A tribute to Richard "Chick" Harmer and US Navy Night Fighter Squadron VF(N)-101


Collection Richard Harmer (courtesy Tom Harmer)

Source Wikipedia


U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS (CV-3) alongside Naval Air Station,
Ford Island, in Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii (USA), circa June or July 1942

I have always been attracted by aircraft carriers since I built a model of the USS Essex CV-9 in the late 50s or early 60s.


This is really how this blog started in 2015 when Gunnar Kelly sent me this picture of his father on the USS Enterprise.


There are many pictures of CV-6 on the Internet, but there are very few pictures of the USS Saratoga circa July 1942 floating around on the Internet.


In my search for what happened to Richard Emerson Harmer on August 24, 1942, and his fellow pilots of VF-5,  I am trying to find all that  I can about them by using this book I bought last week.


Richard Harmer’s name is listed…

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