My Remembered Hobby

This is post 500.

Amateur Airplanes wrote it especially for My Forgotten Hobby.

It’s just beautiful!

My Remembered Hobby

When Pierre asked me to write a guest post on My Forgotten Hobby, I was both honored and nervous. Pierre has been with Amateur Airplanes since close to the beginning, offering praise and encouragement whenever possible. At the infancy of Amateur Airplanes, I really had no concept of what Amateur Airplanes was going to be. I knew that I wanted to be here for other model builders to offer up my experiences and give advice when I had the knowledge to give it. People like Pierre helped me create my identity here and it has turned into much more than I originally thought that it ever would.

So enough about Amateur Airplanes. Let’s talk about My Forgotten Hobby for a minute. When I first started following Pierre, MFH was non-existent. When he began building the blog site, I immediately took interest. Not just because it was directed at my own hobby, but because it had a nostalgic appeal to me. The kits that are featured, as well as the stash, are what I remember about building model airplanes as a kid. Those kits were stacked on the shelves and I saw them quite often. My start in the hobby was building with my dad and uncle. We would go to my Uncle Carl’s house on Friday nights for “model night” to build our kits. I would work on my kits during the week too but the Fridays were the more prominent times. Good memories. Pierre has unknowingly brought those back for me and I very much appreciate that.

Another aspect that I love is that he builds these dinosaur kits. I will be the first to admit that I am spoiled in my era with the options that I have. Older kits to me equal an ulcer. I have tried them and I get frustrated with them. As much as I love seeing the old Monogram kits in Pierre’s collection, I get a huge pit in my stomach thinking about building them. Kudos to all of you who build the “vintage kits”. But it works so well for him and I love watching the progress. Frustration is bound to occur, but he handles it with grace and purpose. I always look forward to more because I cannot do this with these older kits. Pierre has brought back an era to the hobby and is sticking to it.


24 thoughts on “My Remembered Hobby

  1. Congratulations on 500 posts!
    Also, it was an awesome guest post.
    Every time I read your blog, I think about how badly I do and how infrequently I update my own hobby blog. I have kits piled up that I may never get to…and that frustrates me to no end. However, when I read this blog and amateur airplanes, I do receive some of the inspiration I need.
    Needless to say, I will keep reading.
    I look forward to the 1000th post (and beyond)

  2. You both are overdo a mighty pat on the back for what you do. Pierre – you know I consider you my mentor in the world of Blogville we all have going here and I’ve about run out of outstanding adjectives for you and your work, when I get on your site.
    AmateurAirplanes – I was a latecomer to your site, but once I found you, I’ve stuck around for each post, I wouldn’t miss them. Thank you for writing such a great guest post today.

  3. Thank you both of you guys for re-lighting the fire of the hobby in me. I follow both of your sites closely, and recently made a special hobby Fokker D.XXI in strangely Danish air force colours. But it was your inspiration that enabled me to finish my kit. Incidentally, I have completed the Airfix 1/48 P-40B of Lt. George Welch, a man that will go down in history as a hero. But that is what modelling does, it teaches you and it makes you a better person. Thanks Pierre.

  4. I’ve enjoyed both blogs very much returning myself to the hobby I so enjoyed as a child. My stash is old and minute in comparison but I also am fearful of tackling such old kits. Having tackled some new ones, I have rediscovered the Beauty of modelling and the cost! It’s a joy to combine the interests of aviation, modelling and history in one place. Great stuff from you both!

  5. I too have enjoyed both blogs and have returned to the hobby I so enjoyed as a child. I have a small stash, it is minute in comparison, but full of old kits that I am fearful of trying. After having completed a small selection of new ones, I have rediscovered the joy, beauty and cost of this wonderful hobby. It’s so good to combine the interests of aviation, modelling and history all in one place. Great stuff from you both.

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