Ooops…39 Pilots!

It’s not only modellers who make mistakes… Amateur historians also make them.

A tribute to Richard "Chick" Harmer and US Navy Night Fighter Squadron VF(N)-101

This is what I wrote the last time.

You will find all kind of information on the Internet about World War II. Some are true, some are erroneous, and some are incomplete.

I should have counted how many VF-5 pilots where on the group picture.


There are 39 pilots not 36.


I stand corrected.

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7 thoughts on “Ooops…39 Pilots!

  1. Wartime captions are often really bad; not only the obvious “mistakes”, but sometimes deliberate misdirection or misrepresentation (including some famous fake pictures). Obviously a miscount of pilots is in the first category!

    I also see a lot of errors in museum exhibits, which is mostly just 1:1 scale modeling!

    I love the “detective” aspect of our hobby.

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