What’s A Hobby Shop?

We all have those precious memories about our favorite hobby shops. Mine was Westmount Hobby Shop in Montreal when I was a teenager. As a kid it was L’Oiseau bleu in the east-end of Montreal on Ste. Catherines street.

amateur airplanes

Weird title for my blog right? Dangerously, I got to thinking tonight that it won’t be long before a generation comes along and asks that very question. You see, I am on Spring Break with my family in Branson, Missouri this week. As all my trips to any new city go, I search for any local hobby shops. My searches usually end with nothing more than a Hobby Lobby. This time, however, led me to Branson Hobby Center. An actual brick and mortar hobby shop. It’s main focus is aimed at the RC or train enthusiast but they did have some plastic to look through. I was very pleased to find two Airfix Martlets as well as an Airfix Blenheim. There were quite a few more that I wanted to purchase but I resisted. Added to the three kits were two bottles of RAF Dark Earth and an AK-47 rubber-band…

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3 thoughts on “What’s A Hobby Shop?

    • They can’t compete anymore. Blogs about our hobby is now the only place to go. This is why posting box tops is so important.

      • They truly can’t and I am part of the blame for that. It’s a double edge sword. If I don’t buy online, I don’t build. I hate it but I have to deal with it. That is why I always stop at any shop I find and buy a few things.

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