The Memphis Belle

Back in 1976 I visited that museum and took 140 slide pictures…




Procrastinating? No, I am not. I just found a new hobby.

Colourising black and white photos.

This is from William Kerr Moncur’s collection that was shared by his son David.

Remember William Moncur?

He’s on the left with Johnnie Horan.

Collection Flight Sergeant Gérard Pelletier

This is another photo from the collection of William Moncur. David thought it would be great to add colours…

David told me the man on the wing is George Mullay who served with RAF 603 Squadron. The plane is a Spitfire F. 22. These two photos, which are also found in a book* about 603 Squadron, were taken at RAF Tangmere in 1948.

Very rare!

Priceless I would say.

Please share them but give due credit to William Kerr Moncur and his son David.

The book is The Greatest Squadron of Them All by Ross, Blanche and Simpson (published in 2 volumes in 2003)