Neutral Grey

What’s  neutral  grey?

I wanted  to  be sure about  the right paint  to use on the undersides  of my restoration of Shoo  Shoo  Baby.


This  is  what  we see on the real restoration  of Shoo  Shoo  Baby  christened  Shoo  Shoo  Shoo  Baby.

Boeing B-17G "Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby"

I hope  her pilot Paul McDuffee is reading this post about neutral gray in heaven.

Paul McDuffee
Paul McDuffee

Olive Drab Recipe

I found it here.

By Carmen Laboy, eHow Contributor

Mixing your own colors is a visual process, particularly when it comes to “greens” which are perceived differently by most people. Mixing the standard Olive drab color, a darker green version of olive, can be done using measuring spoons or visually if you can visually gauge quantities of paint. However you decide to mix your paint you should keep in mind that as similar as certain colors seem to your eyes, there will likely be some variations in the shades. Learning to use a color wheel will make future paint mixing simpler and will help you learn the basics of mixing colors.

I just followed the instructions and got – Olive Drab.


Of course there was the usual inspection…


And a few constructive critics…


All in a mid-afternoon’s work.