Not negociable

That’s  what Jacques told me when  I  gave  him  this Spitfire last Thursday. It’s a replica of Rod Smith’s Spitfire he flew in Malta in 1942.




He had given  me this Revell model kit last year, and I  wanted to give it back  as a  gift. 


He accepted only under this condition. To choose  another of his old  collection  of unbuilt model kits like these.








You  now  know  which  one  I chose  don’t  you?


Post No. 9

Who reads this blog anyway?

 I do so is Allan Bussie who wrote me a personal e-mail last night.

Hello Pierre,

Even with that dust, that is a very good looking kit!

Thank you for your email.  You are welcome to use pictures and such as long as you give credit to or have a link like you did.

I appreciate the fact that you included the link.  Feel free to use anything as long as you give credit as you did.

I enjoyed your blog!  Especially the photos of the older models – and the wrecked B-17!


To which I replied…

Hi Allan,

I will surely send my readers to visit your Website when I use your pictures, and also send them to read articles on your blog which is fascinating.
I am a 65 years-old 10 year-old kid just having fun on Cyberworld.

This is just the beginning. I have several blogs on WWII.

Glad you enjoy this blog. I enjoy writing it.


P.S. I have cleaned up my planes yesterday and I started repairing the B-25 this afternoon.

This blog is like traveling back in time.

This is my favorite airplane and my favorite model kit.

This B-29 model was built in 1977 or 1978.


I remember well because my daughter was not born yet.

Monogram had just released this 1/48th scale B-29, and I had to have it.

Mono 5700B-29 VG


If you click on this next image, you will see how I painted it.


In fact, I did not paint it. It’s all covered with aluminium foil using glue from an aerosol can.

Great technique that was also used on the B-17 G.


Hey Mac! It’s aluminium foil…

There are also stories behind the B-29.

One is here.

A trip in 2013 with my cousin Joe to the New England Air Museum.

Author’s personal collection

Another story I will tell you later… Sometimes, I am playing with my B-29 with someone who is very dear to me…

It’s not my cat.