Preserving the past – Sergeant William K. Moncur

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I was not sure about the name of the airman on the left.


Bill Moncur ? and Johnnie Horan

The Boys of “624” at Dispersal


So very little information about Bill Moncur ? on the Internet unless Bill becomes William.

And then…?

Then a door opens just a little on the Internet…

In French!

Les 14 Français à avoir participé à la bataille d’Angleterre sont:
Pierre Blaise,
Henri Bouquillard,
Yves Brière,
Maurice Choron,
Jean Demozay,
Emile Fayolle,
Charles Guérin,
François de Labouchère,
Henri Lafont,
William Moncur,

Xavier de Montbron,
René Mouchotte,
Georges Perrin,
Phillippe de Scitivaux.

Les autres n’ont pas pris part aux 114 jours de combat, ils se trouvaient pour la plupart dans des unités d’entraînement.

Then, the same information pops up again in 2006. 

Almost 11 years ago!

LISTE DES PILOTES FRANÇAIS AYANT PARTICIPÉ À LA BATAILLE D’ANGLETERRE (Affectés entre le 9 septembre et le 31 octobre 1940)

Didier Beghin : affecté au squadron 245 le 15 octobre 1940. Tué le 26 novembre 1944 au-dessus de la Hollande. Compagnon de la Libération.

Pierre Blaize : squadron 111. Tué en opérations aériennes le 14 avril 1941.

Yves Brière : affecté au squadron 232 le 14 septembre 1940. Tué en opérations aériennes le 13 mai 1941.

Henri Bouquillard : affecté au squadron 245 le 12 septembre 1940. Tué en opérations aériennes le 11 mars 1941. Il fut le premier Compagnon de la Libération des FAFL.

Maurice Choron : affecté au squadron 64 le 11 octobre 1940. Disparu en opérations aériennes le 10 avril 1942. Trois victoires homologuées et cinq probables. Compagnon de la Libération.

Jean-François Demozay : squadron 1. Colonel à la fin de la guerre. DSO (Distinguished service order et DFC and bar (Distinguished flying cross). Vingt-deux victoires. Tué en service aérien le 19 décembre 1945. Compagnon de la Libération.

François Fayolle : affecté au squadron 85 (celui de Peter Townsend) le 12 septembre 1940. Disparu le 19 août 1942 lors du débarquement de Dieppe à la tête du squadron 174. (Compagnon de la Libération. DFC.

Charles Guérin : affecté au sqadron 232 le 14 septembre 1940. Tué en opérations aériennes le 3 mai 1941.

François de La bouchère : affecté au squadron 85 le 12 septembre 1940. Disparu en opérations aériennes le 5 septembre 1942. Compagnon de la Libération. DFC.

Henri Lafont : affecté au squadron 245 le 11 septembre 1940. Colonel (ER).

Xavier de Montbon : affecté au squadron 64 le 16 septembre 1940. Tué en service aérien en 1949.

René Mouchotte : affecté au squadron 245 le 11 septembre 1940. Disparu en opérations aériennes le 27 août 1943 comme commandant du groupe de chasse « Alsace ». Compagnon de la Libération. DFC.

Georges Perrin : affecté au squadron 615 le 19 septembre 1940. Capitaine (ER).

Philippe de Scitivaux : affecté au squadron 245 le 16 octobre 1940. Il commanda le groupe de chasse « Île de France ». Vice-amiral d’escadre en retraite.

William Moncur (?) : affecté au squadron 65 le 14 octobre 1940.

This message from Jean-Christian B. was left on a forum on December 2nd, 2006 at 16:35, in Colmar, France. He couldn’t have invented something like that.

There has to be some truth in all this.

So last night I had to check it out in the Operations Record Books of 264 Squadron. Sergeant W Moncur flew with Sergeant J Horan after Michael Lister Haigh was transferred from 264 Squadron.


Source 264 Squadron Website

This would explain why Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier took that picture with a caption.


Bill Moncur and Johnnie Horan

Sergeant Moncur was most certainly that Free French pilot in World War Two who fought in the Battle of Britain with probably 65 Squadron according to unverified sources.

What I have verified though is that he flew Boulton Paul Defiant in 1941 and 1942 with John Horan as an air gunner, and later flew Mosquitos with his navigator Woodruff in 1943 and 1944 after 624 converted to Mosquitos…

All this information was found in the Operations Record Books of 264 Squadron.


Unknown, Bubbles Chandler, Bill Moncur, Fred Pelham, Johnnie Horan


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Will there be a My Forgotten Hobby II?

Looks like it doesn’t it?

This is what’s in the box.

I was a bit afraid to open it yesterday…LMF?

Lack of moral fiber?

Edward Rowland “Ted” Thorn and air gunner Fred Barker (source Internet)


I did not know what LMF was when I was a 10 year-old back in 1958 looking at model airplanes in the window display of a men’s store. 

60 years later I know how these brave men must have felt aboard a Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I. I know also that the Mk.II had some little problems to be ironed out. I read it in the Operations Record Book of RAF 264 Squadron.

I learn a lot reading those. Like what these unsung heroes did, seen here in Gerard Pelletier’s album.


The Boys at “264” Dispersal

Sergeant Fred Barker DFM and Bar

Bill Moncur and Johnnie Horan

Flight Sergeant Pelletier and Bill Moncur

Chandler, Rose, and Johnson

Mike and Tony Stuart

John Trigg

Edward Rowland “Ted” Thorn

Fred Pelham

Dan Corser and Ginger Lauder

You will understand why I won’t be building model kits for a little while yet even though the temptation is there to start building.


Flight Sergeant Pelletier and Sergeant Frank Haines – Unsung heroes

Unsung heroes

You won’t find their names in history books.

On some Websites maybe…

How all this research started is something to be told. Negatives that we never printed sitting in a box for 75 years. I don’t have all the details for now, but I believe this story has to be shared on My Forgotten Hobby.

I never thought I would buy another model kit. The temptation was too great when Flight Gerard Pelletier’s niece shared more than 200 images from negatives she scanned last year.

I just could not resist trying to find who were on these pictures and where they were taken.


I believe I have a good idea starting by who was this pilot seen so many times in the collection of Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier.

Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier

Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier is missing since September 3, 1942. He survived on March 26, 1942 when Sergeant Frank Haines told him to bail out of the plane.

 Sergeant Frank Ernest Haines did not survived.