What I grew up with as a teen

Call it puppy love…

Monogram Models!

The best model kits in the late 50s and 60s before the Japanese invaded the U.S.


I was not alone…



Click here to read what Al Bussie wrote about this model kit manufacturer bringing back good old memories from old model kits.


The name Monogram is synonymous with quality in model kits. The founders, Jack Besser and Bob Reder, had a clear vision of what constitutes an excellent model kit and how to transform that into mass production. Not surprisingly, Monogram proved to be a profitable company for many years. Early Wood and Plastic Kits In 1945 the company was producing stick/tissue aircraft kits and solid wooden kits of ships and cars. The ship line consisted of a US Battleship, Destroyer, Cruiser, Aircraft Carrier and Landing Craft.