Is there something you have regretted?

This is part of something I have regretted.

Popular Science Magazine article on the P-38

I was probably around 10-11 years-old and I had found a pile of copies of Popular Science Magazine from the 1940s in the garbage. That was about 55 years ago.

I don’t have them anymore because I cut them out as young kids do.

Finding this PDF file brings back fond memories of the good old days when I was an innocent kid and had started building model airplanes.

If you wish to write about a funny or a sad anecdote about building airplane models, feel free to comment. I will add them as updates to this post. If you don’t feel like it, it’s okay.

Mustang Madness!!! An Aurora P-51 “Classic Build”

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When Alan Bussie asked me to put forth a simple “decompression” kit, I couldn’t resist the Aurora 1/48 scale P-51H.  The last time I built one, I was about 13 years old.  My dad and I were sitting on the couch watching the television series “12 O’clock High.”  I was escorting B-17’s to Berlin, in hot pursuit of the 109’s, etc…and I built the fighter straight from the box in one hour.  The challenge (and pure joy) of recreating that all over again was too tempting to pass up.  This time I would add a little bit of painting detail.  I would create my own markings from existing supplies and I would NOT use putty or aftermarket parts.  What you see is what you get!

Aurora 118-79 P-51gdpp

I can still remember that box top of the P-51, and I remember building this kit in early 60s.

I also built this one.

Aurora 99-130 P-38excpp

There are two anecdotes related to the P-38 box top.

In fact there are three.

I told you there was a story behind each model I built. So what about the first Mosquito anecdote.

Look at these pictures.

YP-W modification


YP-E St. Chris

They were given to me by a Mosquito pilot who flew with 23 Squadron, but after I had built my Mosquito for my 84 year-old friend whose war hero was also a Mosquito pilot.

caricature d'Eugène Gagnon

I had the wrong paint job!

This is what my Mosquito looked like.


It should have looked more like this one.

01048 Never Say Die, low res

Now what is the second anecdote?

To be continued…