Ready for Battle?

Jacques Chevrier

Colorised photo courtesy Richard Molloy

A group of pilots of No 1 Squadron RCAF, gather round one of their Hawker Hurricane Mark Is at Prestwick, Scotland.
30 October 1940.

The Squadron Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader E A McNab, stands fifth from the right, wearing a forage cap.

Left to Right: Frank Hillock, Toronto ON; Frederick Watson, Winnipeg MB; Robert Norris, Saskatoon SK; Norman Richard Johnstone, Winnipeg MB; Joseph A. J. Chevrier, Saint-Lambert QC; John David Morrison, Regina SK; Sq/Ldr Ernest Archibald McNab, Rosthern, SK; Arthur Yuile, Montréal QC; Paul Pitcher, Montréal QC; William Sprenger, Montréal QC; and Dean Nesbitt, Montréal QC. It is interesting to note that all five men on the right are from Montréal.

No. 1 Squadron RCAF left for Great Britain in June of 1940, with the Battle well under way. After a short period of training in England, they became the only RCAF Squadron involved in the Battle of Britain, first engaging the enemy on 23 August 1940. The following year, No. 1 became 401 Squadron. 401 Squadron ended the war as the RAF 2nd Tactical Air Force’s highest scoring fighter squadron with 186.5 victories—29 of which were earned during the Battle of Britain.

(Photo source – © IWM CH 1733)
Royal Air Force official photographer
Devon S A (Mr)

(Colourised by Richard James Molloy from the UK)

Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I – First steps

Having a rainy day is a great incentive to start building what I bought seven months ago.

One thing Airfix did was to provide us with clear instructions.

Some cockpit parts are delicate, and I broke part C21 when I removed it from the sprue. Luckily it won’t show.

The rest of the assembly was easy except for installing part D28.

Installing parts D20 and D21 was a breeze.

Next time on My Forgotten Hobby, Step 12 which I already did taking advantage of a sleeping cat…



Where was I the last time when I finished my last build?

Updated 8 August 2020

Where was I the last time when I finished my last build?

Building Monogram 1/48 scale SBD Dauntless.

Where was I?

I had found all about Gérard Pelletier, a French-Canadian air gunner, who is still missing since September 3rd, 1942.


Then I bought some model kits…

And I created a blog about RAF 264 Squadron, and along the way finding a new addictive hobby…

Colorising photos!

Avro Anson


A mail carrier B-17 with the RCAF


Learning more about Buzz Beurling


More on these 425 Alouette Squadron airmen

About a postwar Mosquito in Canada


More 425 Alouette Squadron airmen


Ground crew posing with a RCAF 410 Squadron Defiant based at RAF Drem

A French-Canadian fighter pilot Joseph Desloges who took part in the Battle of Britain.


A modified painting of a BCATP Fairey Battle

Two well-known RAF 264 Squadron pilot and air gunner


Pilots with RCAF 416 Squadron


425 Alouette Squadron (September 1944)


Buzz Beurling’s friend




Gordon McKenzie Hill, a RCAF 416 Squadron pilot


A Fleet Finch stationed at No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec


Fleet Finches stationed at No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec  (1940)



A Typhoon pilot


Gordon McKenzie Hill, a RCAF 416 Squadron pilot


425 Alouette Squadron Handley Page Halifax III



Laurent Lamontagne, a friend’s father


Jean-Paul Corbeil and Pierre Gauthier with 425 Alouette (May 1944)


“Tush” Laviolette (425 Squadron)


LAC Leslie Scott






Sergeant Gérard Pelletier


Squadron Leader Chadburn (416 Squadron)


A Tiger Moth stationed at No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec


Tiger Moths stationed at No.4 EFTS Windsor Mills, Quebec


Hawker Typhoon


Picture colorised for Clarence Simonsen to be used for an upcoming research.

Where was I the last time when I finished my last build?

I thought you would never ask!

Next time…

Howdy! Looks like you have used 2.9 GB of your 3.0 GB upload limit (96%).

Will there be a My Forgotten Hobby II?

Looks like it doesn’t it?

This is what’s in the box.

I was a bit afraid to open it yesterday…LMF?

Lack of moral fiber?

Edward Rowland “Ted” Thorn and air gunner Fred Barker (source Internet)


I did not know what LMF was when I was a 10 year-old back in 1958 looking at model airplanes in the window display of a men’s store. 

60 years later I know how these brave men must have felt aboard a Boulton Paul Defiant Mk.I. I know also that the Mk.II had some little problems to be ironed out. I read it in the Operations Record Book of RAF 264 Squadron.

I learn a lot reading those. Like what these unsung heroes did, seen here in Gerard Pelletier’s album.


The Boys at “264” Dispersal

Sergeant Fred Barker DFM and Bar

Bill Moncur and Johnnie Horan

Flight Sergeant Pelletier and Bill Moncur

Chandler, Rose, and Johnson

Mike and Tony Stuart

John Trigg

Edward Rowland “Ted” Thorn

Fred Pelham

Dan Corser and Ginger Lauder

You will understand why I won’t be building model kits for a little while yet even though the temptation is there to start building.


Ready for Battle 

The price was so right at $32 CAN that I bought two.

Royal Mail has just delivered two yesterday. I will have to fetch them at the post office later today.

What will I be getting?

Something that caught my attention in the background of this photo taken by Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier when he was stationed at West Malling with 264 Squadron.

It will make a nice addition to the diorama I will be building for Gerard Pelletier’s niece.

Why buy two? 

Because I bought one to go along with the second Airfix Defiant I got in the mailbox yesterday.

Nostalgia – Westmount Hobby Shop revisited

Are we too nostalgic about our hobby?

Westmount Hobby Shop was where I went in the mid 60s.

The owner was probably in his late sixties or early seventies. I don’t recall his name. I wish I could remember. It was so long ago. 

Nothing about Westmount Hobby Shop on Google except this comment left on a Website by Tony in 2003…

Welcome aboard, Pat. I grew up in Montreal, in Westmount. There used to be a good hobby store on Victoria Bl named Westmount Hobby Shop. Probably long gone now. I’ve been living in Southern California since 1959, and this is Hobby Shop Heaven. Enjoy the site; there are lots of great modeling categores here.

Tony Ryan

I bought many of my model kits there as well as documentation to go along.

And boy did I buy documentation there!

Hundreds of Profile Publications… this is one of the lot.

All of the Camouflage & Markings series…with this one.

Little did I know back in the 60s that the set was being staged for this!

Westmount Hobby Shop was on Sherbrooke Street, not Victoria Boulevard. 

Am I too nostalgic about my hobby?

Flight Sergeant Pelletier and Sergeant Frank Haines – Unsung heroes

Unsung heroes

You won’t find their names in history books.

On some Websites maybe…

How all this research started is something to be told. Negatives that we never printed sitting in a box for 75 years. I don’t have all the details for now, but I believe this story has to be shared on My Forgotten Hobby.

I never thought I would buy another model kit. The temptation was too great when Flight Gerard Pelletier’s niece shared more than 200 images from negatives she scanned last year.

I just could not resist trying to find who were on these pictures and where they were taken.


I believe I have a good idea starting by who was this pilot seen so many times in the collection of Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier.

Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier

Flight Sergeant Gerard Pelletier is missing since September 3, 1942. He survived on March 26, 1942 when Sergeant Frank Haines told him to bail out of the plane.

 Sergeant Frank Ernest Haines did not survived.

Torpedo Squadron 8

The U.S. Navy gives tribute to aviators and crewmen of Torpedo Squadron Eight (VT-8) who gave their lives during the June 4, 1942 battle near Midway Island in the Pacific.
Scenes show:
1) AVO Task Force, CVs, CVL underway.
2) GV “Douglas TBD Devastator” planes warm up, aviators pose on deck.
3) MS SBDs taxi, take off.
4) MS SCU Aviator pilots pose as group.
5) Sequence showing servicemen’s names, followed by a MS of them posing in front of their planes. In turn: Lieutenant Commander John Charles Waldron and Horace Franklin Dobbs; Ensign Henry R. Kenyon, Jr. and Airman 2nd Class Darwin L. Clarke; Ensign E.L. Fayle and Airman 2nd Class Aswell L. Picou; Lieutenant Raymond A. Moore and Airman 1st Class Tom Hartsel Pettry; Ensign William Robinson Evans and Airman 3rd Class Ross Eugene Bibb; Lieutenant JG Jeff Davis Woodson and Airman 2nd Class Otway David Creasy, Jr.; Ensign William W. Creamer and Seaman 2nd Class Francis Samuel Polston; Lieutenant James Charles Owens, Jr. and Airman 1st Class Amelio Maffei; Ensign Ulvert Matthew Moore and Airman 3rd Class William F. Sawhill; Lieutenant JG George Marvin Campbell and Airman 2nd Class Ronald Joseph Fisher; Ensign John Porter Gray and Airman 3rd Class Max Arthur Calkin; Ensign G.H. Gay and Airman 3rd Class George Arthur Field; Ensign Grant W. Teats and Airman 2nd Class Hollis Martin; Ensign Harold John Ellison and Carneiro; Ensign William W. Abercrombie and Aviation Pilot Robert B. Miles; Airman 3rd Class Robert K. Huntington and Airman 2nd Class Bernard P. Phelps.
6) MS Chaplain at funeral services on deck of carrier; volley squad fires guns; bugler blows taps.
7) LS Sunset at sea. SBD in flight.

Source YouTube