Where was I? – The missing sequence

I guess I got all excited because I completely forgot to show you some pictures…

Not this one because you saw it in March 2015.

wpid-20150313_14355322.jpg.jpegThese were  the missing parts I  had ordered  from  Revell. There was no pitot  tube available.


When I received this I  had lost all motivation to proceed further  with my restoration project of Shoo Shoo Baby.

Then something  happened  to rekindle  the flame…

It was finishing my latest restoration project.

wpid-20150810_075021.jpgBuilt in the early 60s by a young boy who gave it to a WW II veteran

I  guess I got all excited renewing with my forgotten Shoo Shoo Baby project because  I  completely  forgot  to show  you  these  pictures…






So where am I right now?

Making new decals for Shoo Shoo Baby!

Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby