Torpedo Squadron 8

The U.S. Navy gives tribute to aviators and crewmen of Torpedo Squadron Eight (VT-8) who gave their lives during the June 4, 1942 battle near Midway Island in the Pacific.
Scenes show:
1) AVO Task Force, CVs, CVL underway.
2) GV “Douglas TBD Devastator” planes warm up, aviators pose on deck.
3) MS SBDs taxi, take off.
4) MS SCU Aviator pilots pose as group.
5) Sequence showing servicemen’s names, followed by a MS of them posing in front of their planes. In turn: Lieutenant Commander John Charles Waldron and Horace Franklin Dobbs; Ensign Henry R. Kenyon, Jr. and Airman 2nd Class Darwin L. Clarke; Ensign E.L. Fayle and Airman 2nd Class Aswell L. Picou; Lieutenant Raymond A. Moore and Airman 1st Class Tom Hartsel Pettry; Ensign William Robinson Evans and Airman 3rd Class Ross Eugene Bibb; Lieutenant JG Jeff Davis Woodson and Airman 2nd Class Otway David Creasy, Jr.; Ensign William W. Creamer and Seaman 2nd Class Francis Samuel Polston; Lieutenant James Charles Owens, Jr. and Airman 1st Class Amelio Maffei; Ensign Ulvert Matthew Moore and Airman 3rd Class William F. Sawhill; Lieutenant JG George Marvin Campbell and Airman 2nd Class Ronald Joseph Fisher; Ensign John Porter Gray and Airman 3rd Class Max Arthur Calkin; Ensign G.H. Gay and Airman 3rd Class George Arthur Field; Ensign Grant W. Teats and Airman 2nd Class Hollis Martin; Ensign Harold John Ellison and Carneiro; Ensign William W. Abercrombie and Aviation Pilot Robert B. Miles; Airman 3rd Class Robert K. Huntington and Airman 2nd Class Bernard P. Phelps.
6) MS Chaplain at funeral services on deck of carrier; volley squad fires guns; bugler blows taps.
7) LS Sunset at sea. SBD in flight.

Source YouTube