How I got hooked on WWII: the sequel

I hope you won’t get hooked on My Forgotten Hobby.


So what’s the story behind that 1/64th scale B-17?

I was walking home from school during lunch hour in 1958. There was this men’s store, on the corner of Jean-Talon Street and De Lorimier Street in Montreal, which had model kits in its display window.

The men’s store is not there anymore.

2035 Jean Talon

2035 Jean-Talon Street

There were two display windows, one on the left and one on the right. I stopped cold and I was mesmerized by what I saw.

Not men’s clothes…

Model airplanes!

I had never seen a model airplane before in my whole life.

This was one of them although mine in the men’s store display was silver.

Lindberg B-17 G olive drab

I have found the box top on the Internet.

B-17 Lindberg

I even found this instruction sheet.

Lindberg B-17 G instructions


In 1958 this was an epiphany even though I had no idea what that word meant.

So folks this is how I got hooked on WWII!

A 1/64th scale model of a B-17 G made by Paul Lindberg’s company.

Lindberg B-17 G olive drab


I can still see that model airplane in my mind.

Boy it was huge.

I wish I had a cellphone at that time to snap a picture, although being 10 years-old and coming back from school in the 50s this would have been quite improbable.

Anyway I got hooked and I built a F-86 Sabre Jet after that epiphany.

F-86 Lindberg Sabre Jet with plane

I got hooked even more later on when I saw a movie in a church basement on a Saturday matinee. 

I can still remember the movie vividly.

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Click here for the movie trailer.

I will always remember Air Force and December 7th, 1941, a day which will live in infamy, even if I was born in 1948.

I hope you believe my story…

Not all stories are true you know.

Maybe you got this one in the mail yesterday.

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Click here.


2 thoughts on “How I got hooked on WWII: the sequel

  1. I did not get it in the mail, so thanks for posting it.
    [now that you mention it, what sort of people do you think we’d be today, if there were cell phones back in ’58?]

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